About the Hepsia Control Panel

The Hepsia Control Panel is the brainchild of a group of talented web developers who believed that everyone should be able to manage their websites, domain names and billing transactions with ease from a single location and who spent thousands of hours analyzing user behavior trying to gain insight into what would be best feature-wise. Since 2011, more than 100,000 hosting account owners have taken advantage of this all-round tool.

Hepsia's Advantages

Here's what makes Hepsia stand out above the competition:

An Intuitive Interface

Intuitive Interface

Hepsia's intuitively crafted user interface translates into a zero learning curve. As soon as you see the Control Panel, you will immediately know how to work with it.

A Full-Blown Site, Domain and Billing Management Solution

Full Site Controls

Why switch between different Control Panels when you can do all the work from one place? With Hepsia, you will have complete control over each and every aspect of your web presence.

A Mobile Version

Mobile Version

Instead of a scaled-down version, we've created a whole new full-fledged user interface, which allows you to manage everything in your hosting account with ease, directly from your phone.

Developer Tools

Developer Tools

If you want to create a brand new web application or to make your website work faster than ever, and you don't mind writing a bit of code, we have the perfect solution for you.

Site Management

Site Management
Site Management

Security Management

  • Outgoing Connections

    To protect your hosting account, we have disabled all outgoing connections. This means that your visitors will still have a normal on-site experience, but if an attacker somehow manages to break in, they won't be able to transmit info to another server.

  • The ModSecurity Firewall

    Imagine a web app firewall that automatically blocks the most common hacker attacks, runs in the background and requires no code modifications on your end. There is one such security tool - ModSecurity, and it is enabled by default for your account. Plus, it will automatically update itself to prevent new types of attacks.

  • Password Protection

    To restrict the access to your website or to a specific portion of it, allowing only a select few users to log in, you no longer need to install scripts. The solution is just one click away - the Control Panel-integrated Password Protection tool.

Security Management

Developer Controls

Developer Controls
Developer Controls

Hepsia Demo

You can see all these features and more in action thanks to our fully featured live demo. Aside from merely looking at the different sections, you can also see how things can get done - you can upload files, manage the several demo domains we have set up, install web applications, create new databases, etc. This will give you a good idea of how day-to-day tasks can be handled via the Control Panel.

View Demo
Hepsia Demo


  • Very nice! I have really enjoyed the look and feel of the Control Panel. I don`t know if you have added more features or they are just easier to find now, but I am pleased either way. Erika T.
  • Great job, love the panel, a huge upgrade! We appreciate your service and hard work! Thanks again! Craig S.
  • I love this Control Panel, good job! Ho K.
  • Sweet. Two thumbs up! Robert L.
  • The Control Panel is fantastic! It is functional, elegant, simple and complete. I am very happy with the choice you have made. Enrico T.